Our Story

Meet the mastermind creative behind Twiggies

Always craving creativity and beautiful things to surround her, owner and designer Elizabeth Herendeen of Twiggies has always been artsy and driven by creative work. Early in her entrepreneur life, she found her calling designing wedding work and took on the challenge with space design, transformation and bringing color to her events that got guests talking. Spreading the word fast about this little business that was nestled in a home office in the basement of her walk out home often times with 2 little people (her children in the next room while in a play pen and settled into a Disney movie while she met with clients). As it grew, so did the aspirations of what path this little business was on and a personal journey to build it.

Fast Forward: A retail space came after with several locations leading to the current space in Old Town. The store in Old Town is a distinct reflection of Beth’s personality, an eclectic mix of merchandise that make up that “Modern Day General Store” vibe that is ever so present always along with the welcoming invite to “Please Loiter” a tag line long since used from the early days in downtown DeWitt where the brick-and-mortar experience all began.

From boutique styled clothing to home décor, pantry and entertaining items, gifts, and luxury self-care products…wait there’s more! Let’s talk about those extraordinary florals that go out the back door being delivered all over the 517-area code. Along with “Event” work throughout Michigan because we have never forgotten the roots of how this all began. Although that roller coaster has been ridden a few times, we still love a good party and creating a vibrant space that is reflective of the client or theme is still our specialty. We have a saying around the shop, “Business up front” and “Party in the back” and it's true, what happens in the front part of the shop (retail) is not always what is happening in the back where the studio is. On any given busy weekend, you may find us loading massive florals, rentals, linens, and everything it takes to create a stunning event while the shop remains retail and business as usual up front. Over the years people have came to appreciate the quirky fun and welcoming atmosphere Twiggies provides in the store. Hard work and word of mouth continues the growth with all aspects of the business. On any given day you will find Beth in the studio putting together a well thought out design for a special tribute floral, or a customized curated gift box filled with store favorites and paired with a floral arrangement perfect for the recipient. She’s a “hands on owner” and works with people daily in the shop (truth be told it’s her favorite) to give the personal experience they deserve.

Point is- we teeter on the brink of art and science every day here at Twiggies, we take our job serious, and we take care of our tribe with the jobs we do, the products we sell and want you to love the space we have created for you here online and in the store to reflect just that. We get “you need a bigger space” often, but honestly, the love in these 4 walls is all we need to keep going and do our job. It’s not about bigger is better here, it’s about maintaining those relationships with clients and our tribe that fosters the continuance of success. We aren’t going anywhere anytime soon so stay tuned for more adventures at Twiggies as we keep providing floral service, boutique shopping and fun classes and the in-store experience you all have come to love and appreciate.

The Support Behind Twiggies

Although Beth is a powerhouse, she can't do it alone. We appreciate helping hands more than you know.

Mandy Horner

This ball of energy is always keeping herself busy with a smile on her face. Mandy is a "Yooper" from Marquette, Michigan and moved to Lansing in 2016. She has been a right-hand woman at Twiggies since the end of 2021. When she isn't there, you can find her taking care of her plants at home and cuddling with her cats, Brinley and Mason.

Domingo Quintanilla 

If you are in shopping on a Saturday, chances are you will see Domingo! He has years of customer services experience, along with retail and was a radio host back in the day! When he isn't helping Twiggies, you can find him getting a coffee from Toads or hanging out with his rescue cat, Serena.